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The Spice Girl Effect is a phenomenon that occurs when a male sees a group of young females and perceives them to be attractive, when they are not. Upon closer examination of each female, the male can realize the truth of the situation.
1. John was very intimidated as he was walking towards the five girls until he realized he had become a victim of the Spice Girl Effect.

2. I just got Spice Girled!
by Rat_Fink February 20, 2009
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(Noun Phrase) A general sadness or feeling down by a person on or around his birthday. The factors that can cause this include:
- Being upset at officially aging another year.
- Being disappointed or not having expectations met by a birthday celebration or gifts.
- Being unsatisfied with accomplishments since the previous birthday.
A person dealing with birthday blues has the right to feel the way she does on her birthday and her family and friends should make sure she knows she is loved and appreciated.
Jenny: "What's wrong? Aren't you happy? It's your birthday party!"
Leonardo: "I don't know, birthday blues I guess."
by Rat_Fink July 30, 2010
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