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A SENATOR (and don't you forget it) from California whose ego is as large as the deficit that State currently faces.

Recently made a total ass of herself when she tried to belittle a member of the armed forces who dared to call her "ma'm" (which military personnel are trained to do by the way). As if being called ma'm would make her any more or less of a senator.

STD carrying man whore: Oh Barbara!

Barbara Boxer: Hey, hey, hey! You call me SENATOR, ya' got that?
by RaptorJesus720 June 20, 2009
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A statement made by rapper/musician Kanye West back in 2005 that showed both his astute political ignorance as well as his inability to think before opening his mouth.
(Some natural disaster hits New Orleans/Oakland/Detroit)

Kanye: George Bush doesn't care about black people!

Some guy: Kanye, you's one dumb motherf***er.
by RaptorJesus720 June 09, 2009
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Owner and GM of the Dallas Cowboys. Also believes himself to be God.

Does a "fantabulous" job at assembling teams made up of felons, thugs, mercenaries, crack addicts, ex-cons and the like. However, doesn't do so well when it comes to assembling teams that succeed.

Recently opened a new Cowboys stadium to try and divert attention away from the fact that the team hasn't been able to win one single playoff game in thirteen years. So far it's worked as the most gullible, inbred, illiterate, and intoxicated people you'd ever meet (aka Cowboys fans), remain firm in their belief that "this season will be the one!"

Hobbies: Undermining his Head Coach's authority, buying things so people will like him (but profiting at the same time), receiving plastic surgery, fixing NFL schedules, being seen on the sidelines with Terrell Owens to show he's "down with the bruthas!"

Best Known For: Giving away high draft picks and then shopping at nearby Dallas County Jail to fill out the roster.
Typical Cowboy Fan #1: You see dat dem goat over there? Boy I'd love to $%&* it good! Whoo-ee!

Typical Cowboy Fan #2: Shucks, dat ain't no goat! It's Jerry Jones!

Typical Coyboy Fan #1: Oh. Well ne'rmind then.
by RaptorJesus720 June 09, 2009
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