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The term "Rotten Individual" is most commonly used to declare that one is an avid fan of jedcest in spite of Kevin Grimes, to refer to jedcestors in general, or to make fun of Kevin Grimes as he has now became the fandom's lolcow.

This term gained notoriety amongst fans of Jedward after Kevin Grimes (the twin's older brother) was sent a link to a livejournal containing jedcest fanfictions written by one of the jedward fans. Kevin Grimes posted angry tweets (eg. "Have a read of this Disgusting vulgarity and then tell me Im wrong ,what is wrong with these people damn") declaring that he "knew the law" and that anyone who posted or liked this type of material was a "rotten individual".
Kevin Grimes later deleted the tweets, but not before followers were able to copy and post them to many the outraged tumblr account.

This incident was the start a series of events involving the photographing of John Grimes holding up a sign reading "I love Rotten Individuals" by the creator of the same livejournal account, then being blocked by the Jedward twins' twitter account, later being publicly shamed on a small scale based on her conflict with Kevin Grimes in front of Jedward and their fans, and by the mysterious but widely unpopular Randers.

This unfolded while a significant number of "Jedheads" watched on via the internet, creating a rift in fandom as quite the few fans are "rotten individuals". There are varying degrees of animosity towards either party within the fandom.
"Bio: 18, F, Sweden, Rotten Individual."

"I am not Randers. I repeat, I AM NOT RANDERS. Whoever says I am Randers is an evil person and a rotten individual." - Kevin Grimes
by Rapscallionade November 15, 2011
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