2 definitions by Random Dent

Bus surfing; riding a bus standing up, without using your hands to hold on or steady yourself. Best enjoyed on an empty section of the bus. Competitive burfing must consist of at least two rounds, so that players can switch places each round for an equal advantage throughout the game.
Her ankles felt like jelly from burfing the West Seattle Bridge on the way home.
by Random Dent February 8, 2008
An exclamation of astonishment, originally used in "The X-Files" Episode 19 of Season 7, approximately 18 minutes into the episode.
Tech guy: "Who made this?"
Scully: "We're not sure. Either a forger by the name of Micah Hoffman, or, uh, someone else in the vicinity of Jesus Christ."
Tech guy scoffs, looking incredulously at Scully: "What?"
Scully looks at him frankly, affirming that it might be true.
Tech guy, reverently: "Buzzinga."
by Random Dent March 27, 2013