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BEST PUNK ROCK BAND EVER!!! FIRST PUNK ROCK BAND EVER!!! buy the their toughest hits album, its the bomb.also, on blitzkrieg bop, people always edit the word "shoot", dont do that, its not a happy song, ITS A PUNK SONG, which is happy and not at the same time, get it?
hey, ho, lets go!(x4) they're forming in a straight line, going through a tight wind, the kids are losing their minds, blitzkrieg bop........ (rest on lyrics.com)
by Ramones 4ever!! May 29, 2003
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the coolest, sexiest, punkiest color in the world. just dont wear all pink, thats gay, and dont wear light pink, its gotta be hot pink. o ya!!
look at that hot sexy luscious color... HEY ITS HOT PINK!!!!
by Ramones 4ever!! May 30, 2003
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the rash u get from stayin in the sun too long.. god they itch! like when i went to arizona! holy shit, it sucks!
i have bumps and they itch... OH NO, A SUN RASH... SHIT!!!!!!
by Ramones 4ever!! May 30, 2003
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