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In hebrew, a phrase often used as a reply to an outrageous request and/or remark which annoys the receiver.
means literaly: "go and search for the one who will rattle you" with a reference to the action of shaking the cradle of an infant, referring to the one in question as an anoying baby and thus clearly requesting him to go away.
Ugly boy: would you like to kiss me?
Handsome lady: leh hapes mi yenaanea otcha..

A: This bag is heavy and I am sick and a bit tired, could you help me carry it to my car?
B: leh hapes mi yenaanea otcha..
by Ramon Szmuk April 30, 2005

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A noun originated from the family name of the prestiege family: "The szmuks"
known worldwide for their ability to make things better.
The "Z" being silent it is pronounced "smuk".
popular in israel and known to be used in north america and italy, an equivalent to "pimping" or "spicing" only with a bit more style.
for example:
1) you "pimp" your car
2) you "spice up" a dish
2) you "szmuk" the smithsonian museum
by adding a few 18th century baroc
classics to the rotchild collection
A: man your new place is nice...
B: yes, only needs a bit of szmuk to
it and it will be perfect..

A: This pasta is delicious!
B: yes! I've szmuked it up with a bit
of truffles..
by Ramon Szmuk April 30, 2005

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