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An online game where people can RP, chat, hang out and make friends. Most retards think that because you have the option to RP sex that it's practically an online graphical porn game. Stupid, stupid morons. There's only one area specified for thar grossness, and it's R-Rated, no little kids can get in it. It's a great way to pass the time when you're bored, and has alot of cool features. You can make cookies for friends, and there's an option where you can ignore retarded losers.
Why do people confuse furcadia for another chatspeak raping chatroom and/or whore breeding grounds? Those people need to be shot.
by Rambie August 13, 2005
A character from a brilliantly awesome video game. A diminutive four-legged dragon that has a sidekick named Sparx. All bow down to Spyro and Sparx! <3
by Rambie August 10, 2005
What someone might call a pomaranian(puff dog) if thye were tired of saying its long name.
She's a pom breeder, that's where I got my pomaranian puppy!
by Rambie August 15, 2005
A large, fox-like quadruped with a long, bushy tail and a single horn growing from the middle of its head. They are fierce creatures, capable of killing large amounts of other dogs and wolves. They're from the online game Furcadia.
The overpowering stench of death and decay forced regular wolves to recoil from the nacknar's territory.
by Rambie September 1, 2005