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A horrible, life sucking, death dealing whore, who takes pleasure in whoring it up almost every moment of every day.
Guy 1: Oh Shit!
Guy 2: What?!
Guy 3: It's Swamp Witch, we better get the fuck outta here guys!
by Ramalus Riverdance March 02, 2010

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A woman of large stature or weight, who is either skanky, slutty, a bitch, or a combination of the three terms. (Hippo is to describe the fat, and cat or "pussy" to describe her skankyness.)
Guy 1:That chick's a total Hippocat dude.
Guy 2: Why?

Guy 1: She's fat and is a total bitch, man.
Guy 2: Makes sense.
by Ramalus Riverdance March 01, 2010

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A rare condition that exists in men, in which the testicles of that male are larger than the actual shaft of the penis
Man 1: Dude look at that Oddball.
Man 2: How do you know he's an Oddball?

Man 1: Look at how he walks, it's like he's carryin' footballs in his scrotum.
Man 2: Oh I see.
by Ramalus Riverdance March 21, 2010

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