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Something you say when someone posts an insulting and condescending definition on UD, but it's full of spelling and grammatical errors, proving that whoever posted it is as dumb as the people he's insulting.
Asshole: "A saying used when something happens that you might have expected, but you have absolutely nothing original or intelligent to say. Generally used by idiots with IQs below 85, who just want to hear them selves talk, and build thier own unfounded egos.

Hey, Something happened like I thought it might....Go figure huh huh huh huh..Go figure right? huh huh man i'm the coolest..go figure,,huh huh"

Me: "Guy can't spell 'themselves' or 'their' right, but he thinks he's smart. Go figure."
by RWMagpie September 06, 2020

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