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A RuneScape monster with the combat level of 702, also shorthanded "Jad" and "The 702". It's the strongest monster of all in terms of combat, although its hitpoints are considerably lower than that of a Steel Titan (750) since it came out in the Summoning 2 update. When TzTok-Jad first came out, no player was able to defeat it in one try since there are also 62 waves of around 150 different monsters to be defeat before meeting TzTok-Jad. It was not until several players skilled in combat piece their ideas together and come up with several strategies to defeat TzTok-Jad.

TzTok-Jad is capable of using all three styles of combats, although it resolves to ranged and magic attacks when its target is out of reach for melee. Any of its attacks can hit upwards to a damage of 97, making it capable of killing most players in one hit. While its melee attacks will cause instantaneous damage, its ranged and magic attacks require initiations, both of them distinct from each other. This enables players to be able to activate the correct protection prayer before TzTok-Jad's attack actually engages.
TzTok-Jad is a proper noun, therefore it has no examples.
by RSPlayer226 April 20, 2008

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