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An experimental band from California, often recognized for their dispute with the band RHCP who to be quite frank Mr. Bungle can run circles around. Mr. Bungle consisting of singer Mike Patton, bassist Trevor Dunn, guitarist Trey Spruance, drummer Danny Heifetz and keyboards/saxophonist Clinton "Bär" McKinnon as well as many other musicians over the years were a pioneer of experimental music taking into their repetoire many genres including heavy metal funk, free jazz, surf rock, punk, klezmer music, ska, kecak, avant-jazz, folk music, noise rock,pop, doo-wop, funk metal, electronica, swing music, space age pop and exotica, death metal, rockabilly, bossa nova, progressive rock, country and western, Circus Music and even video game and cartoon music and often utilizing genre skipping within their songs meaning a song could go one direction and literally within a bar of music change in the other. The band of course covered more genres and were obviously more talented than RHCP who cover pop, rock and funk is debatable and to say RHCP are better than Mr Bungle is pure ignorance as it is seen how many genres they can play and how vast their sound goes as compared to RHCP whose sound is the same for the last 25 years.

Mr. Bungle was also the name of a kid used in public information tapes from the 1950s from which the band derive their name.
Mr Bungle kick ass.
by RHCPareshit March 16, 2009
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Song by ELO.

Also shamelessly ripped off note to note by The Hoosiers...
Why has no one realized the hoosiers have ripped off Mr Blue Sky
by RHCPareshit March 16, 2009
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