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an amazing indie pop/rock band from england. They have the ability to write songs about both sorrow and joy, something not often found in most of today's music. weither it be "Everything goes dark" or "Worst Case Scenerio" they know how to ensare the senses to make you feel the emotion in each beat. they hardly get the talent they deserve. if anyone is interested in underground alternative rock with pop and electronic influences, then listen to The Hoosiers!
person 1:"Hey what song is that? it sounds so catchy!"

person 2:"its Choices by The Hoosiers!"
by The Gentleman Thief November 29, 2010
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The Hoosiers are an Anglo-Swedish indie/pop/rock band hailing from Reading, Stockholm and Exeter who make feel-good tracks that aren't just about love like most artists nowadays. They choose different life situations, team them up with catchy beats and a quirky video. They are most famous for 'Goodbye Mr A' and 'Worried About Ray'. They have two albums out and are currently working on their third.
'What's that song? I keep hearing it everywhere!'
'It's Goodbye Mr A, by The Hoosiers!'
'Oh yeah! I remember now!'
by akaspiderray December 02, 2012
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