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A disturbing sexual act whilst a girl is on her period.

The sexual partner will go down on the girl to perform cunnilinugus. Upon reaching her vagina, a tampon string will be discovered. This will then be grabbed using teeth and pulled out.

Pulling out is only the first part of the act. Now the attending must shake their head vigorously from side to side, ensuring the tampon splats on both the left and right face cheeks, thus creating a blood splatter in the shape of an eagle. Hence the 'Red Eagle.'
Marc: "Oh man, I did something really terrible last night"
Sam: "What was that man?"
Marc: "I went to give some chick I met head, only to discover that she had a tampon in."
Sam: "Whoa! Awesome, man. You should have performed the Red Eagle."
Marc: "I did!"
by REDBULLHEAD May 19, 2009
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