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Poor excuse for a program, struggles stay up longer than 45 seconds.


Supposedly a programming program meant to be similar to Visual Basic, as such it fails. Also designed by MAC people for MAC's, also fails. Refuses to work on such stable systems such as a PC.

To be typing code and suddenly have desktop appear.

Likes to disappear and use illogical operators in code.

Picks and chooses where it likes to work.

Teaches people to save work as unknown crashes happen OFTEN!

MADE IN CHINA OBVIOUSLY of low asian quality yet again.
Programmer: "wow Realbasic just crashed again"
Realbasic: "Computer says no...."

Lets test this, Oh shit not again, hope I saved my work this time. Ah crap I didn't.

Now lets use REALbasic to create a program, now we need to do this before it closes unexpectedly.

"For working code programs please use visualbasic as you will find out that REALbasic falls into the useless crap department."
by REALbasic slave July 06, 2009

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