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Do you know what I'm saying?

Yo dogg I'm tryin' to sip on some gin and juice, naw sane ?
by R-DoGG November 28, 2005

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when a blunt smokin', 40 drinkin'(pronounced foe-tee), gat wavin' n!gga gets medevil on anotha mutha f*cka by poppin a cap in the n!gga's head, and spraying brains and blood all up on the windows, like that sh!t be some mutha f*ckin cathedral's windows.
terrel! Damn n!gga that's 2 stained glass windows already, i just got out, you betta stop cappin' honky's, its just not even fair.. and i don't wanna go back to tossin salads.
by R-Dogg September 06, 2003

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