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The dingy asshole of America (whereas Omaha is the wonderful, silky inner thigh) where all is well if you drive a sputtering multi-colored vehicle and have a mullet so dirty and full of nasties that it's almost sentient. Also known as Council Bluffs, Counciltucky looks like a mythical drab, rundown, post-apocalyptic world where nobody knows the definition of tooth care, showers, vehicle maintenance, or proper driving. However, this is no fantasy. It is a sad and horrifying reality.

Everything is grey and old and broken. Even the prostitutes. Merely driving through Counciltucky with the car windows rolled down will get you a contact meth high.
An overall shitty place to even think about, let alone live in or drive through.
Greg: Whoa, dude. Ya know that smelly guy who works at the gas station? Billy-Bob? Did you know his mom is also his sister?

Max: Shit, dude. He must be from Counciltucky.
by Queenofthedream June 21, 2012
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