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fuck a bitch
1. If you do something nice for a chick and you get nuttin in return and da chick dont apprecaite da shit.......F.A.B

2. You take a chick 2 da movies or out anywhere in hopes of gettin wit her or gettin in her (lol) and u just get a hug bye.....F.A.B

3. A girl who Calls you constanly to hangout,chill go places pretty much anything where u gotta spend bread but they got a man.....F.A.B. call ya man

P.S Not sayin all girls are bitches but if you do one of these things.....then you are in fact A Bitch
4. chicks who call u up and want u 2 do stuff for dem but thats as far as they want it 2 go; F.A.B

by QuayMan July 10, 2008

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