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When you fart in rapid succession while others are around, but quietly enough that nobody notices, and close enough that you’re able to get a good whiff without disturbing anyone else, while still feeling the initial subconscious anxiety of having farted.
“I can see that you’re happy to see me,” she said, eying her boyfriend across the room rocking a massive chub.
“What got you so riled up, big boy?” She seductively steps toward him, swaying her hips back and forth.
He’s nervous, and hesitates to tell her to stay back for a moment—and he realizes he has nothing to hide. She gets down on her knees, pulls his tidy whities down and starts sucking his big, fat cock. Luckily his stank ass secretion had just subsided.
by QuasiMotoRola June 18, 2019

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