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When someone (almost always a male) asks you to be their “Player Two” (between 9:00pm & 3:00am at their home) instead of being just a second player on a shared game system usually eludes to “One time” sexual advances, such as making out, reciprocated oral, usually hand-jobs, (you being the said, “player two” with their “joystick/Joy-stick”) But almost never normal sex. It’s mostly common for close friends who are curious, stoned, drunk, pubescent, or sexually closeted. The event usually is kept secret between the two in the form of an inside joke or nickname pertaining to being a—
“Player Two“
“Kendrick— why do you say that Jason is your player two at Halo, he sucks at the controls and your never online?

Danny—he’s my player two because I love shooting the blasters with him...

Jason—(blushing) (pissed) SHUT UP!!!

Kendrick— (confused)
by Qazx gg 12 March 13, 2021
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