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A man who will go to extreme lengths to hook up with a girl. There is simply nothing a snake won't do in order to get a girl. No mountain too high or valley too low will stop a snake. A snake will steal a girl from his best friend or worst enemy with no distinction. He is driven only by the need for pussy and the desire for butt stuff.
Peter: "Hey John what'd you do last night?"
John: "I just watched some Netflix then rode my back 18 miles to snake my older sister's friend."

Davis: Yo Austin what was Tallis doing last night?
Austin : I think your gonna be pretty upset. Pretty sure I saw him snaking with your sister while she was on her period. Kids sucha snake.

Tallis: Hey Sara, do you know what happens to a mouse?
Sara: what?
Tallis: it gets eaten by the snake.

Kyle: Hey Peter, how was last night?
Peter: It was good,I snaked with that girl at the party. Then I snuck out and walked a few miles to snake with another girl. She had the flu but hey it didn't stop me. Just a snake taking advantage of it's prey.

"Austin received an unexcused absence because he was snaking with a teacher"
by Pwass September 17, 2014

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