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A term mainly known to be created by Vince McMahon, the owner of the WWF (World Wrestling Federation), was a marketing tactic in order to attract advertisers. The company would later change the name of the company, calling it the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) after losing a court case battle with the World Wildlife Fund, signifying what the product truly was. Some may say that it was a way for Vince to evade legitimate sport fees, dubbing his product as entertainment rather than an actual sport.
Vince McMahon: You know, I'm getting really tired of paying these sport fees across the country.
Bruce Prichard: I hear you, Vince.
Vince McMahon: It's not even an actual competitive sport, Bruce. We literally fix who the winner is for fuck sake.
Bruce Prichard: I mean, you make a point.
Vince McMahon: I got an idea, Bruce!
Bruce Prichard: What, what is it Vince?
Vince McMahon: Fuck all the paying sport fees shit. I know a way we can save money while making more of it.
Bruce Prichard: What do you have in mind, Vince?
Vince McMahon: Bruce, we are SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT.
Bruce Prichard: Sports entertainment?
Vince McMahon: Yes, sports entertainment.
Bruce Prichard: What in the blue hell is that?
Vince McMahon: My fucking money scheme, that's what it is.
by Pussdrop October 22, 2019
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The biggest degenerate of all time. A croc toe is someone who mainly only ever wears Crocs. In rain, sun, and snow, these people will never understand that crocs aren't a fashion sense, more of an actual tactical usage of utility.
Ashton: Umm, Jen..
Jen: *Chewing gum obnoxiously* What do you want, Ashton?
Ashton: You do realize that it's the middle of winter, right?
Jen: Yeah, and?
Ashton: Why do you have crocs on?
Jen: Because it's trending right now. Everyone has them.
Ashton: I mean, it makes no sense, especially in this time of the season.
Jen: Listen here, Ashton, I have every right to wear whatever the fuck I want to wear.
Ashton: *With a smugged face* Okay, fair. You obviously have croc toe syndrome.
by Pussdrop October 22, 2019
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