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With a meaning as versatile as its possible implementations, the "Dicking" can be used to represent innumerable situations. It can be, hot, cold, heavy, resilient, vigorous, spicy, or any number of things; indeed, the qualifying adjective is instrumental to the "Dicking"'s proper use. Of course, the "Dicking" can be used to indicate dicking's more basic meaning (i.e. to engage in sexual intercourse), but the more creative the implementation, the more powerful the dicking.
That thizz was the all-night dicking!

You don't have your homework, Billy? Prepare for heavy dicking!

All day with the dicking, all night with the cock-smoking! The ultimate punishment!

Smoke kush, for everyone knows that diesel is naught but the most heated of dickings.

Lay down completely still, the dicking must be perfect.
by Purveyor_of_Dicking August 19, 2010
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What you get when you mix opium and weed through the very precise process of opiweeding, which must always be performed with the utmost care and love for both the weed AND the opium.
Yo mix up that opiweed so we can roll an opiblunt!
by Purveyor_of_Dicking August 19, 2010
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