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That sweet girl that is too beautiful. She always have her bibles in her hand, if you want to screw her, you cant because she WILL assault you with her bible. She always finished up first than everyone. At this point a Bonmarie is considered a god.
Person 1: Have you seen that Bonmarie? She sooo beautiful~
Person 2: Yeah, but be careful around her, its rumored that she hit people with her bible.
by PurpleJ4ms October 19, 2019
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Also know as "Hixtape". Is the most amazing mixtape that got released and saved 2018. The same got created by Jung Hoseok or better know as Jhope from the kpop group "BTS". Stan J-Hope for this positive Mixtape, Stan Talent.
1rs person: do you fear the new Jhope's mixtape?
2nd person: do you mean "Hope World"??? THAT WAS SO POSITIVELY, I LOVE IT
by PurpleJ4ms March 2, 2018
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