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A classic 1980's John Hughes flick that chronicles the story of Samantha, a sixteen year old whose family has forgotten her birthday. Jake Ryan, the "perfect" guy in school, saves the day- saving Samantha from her sister's awful wedding, and buying her a birthday cake. This movie is famous for it's archetype characters- 'The geek'- Called either Farmer Ted, or the Geek, and played by Anthony Michael Hall, 'the perfect man'- Jake Ryan, played by actor/model Michael Schoeffling, and 'the awkward high school girl', played by Molly Ringwald. The character of Jake Ryan has grown extrememly popular over the years as an example of a perfect man- smart, rich, courteous, sweet, considerate- and one who breaks up with the curvy, beautiful head cheerleader for the gawky, awkward younger girl.
Girl- "I just saw Sixteen Candles today."
Friend- "And?"
Girl- "I want my own Jake Ryan."

by PunkRokinPromQueen April 23, 2006
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