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Nofx Is a punk band that started out in CA back in 1983. The name was From Neagative Fx (A one album band.) It was a 3 piece band at first due to one of the guitarists could not make it to pratice and quited because the others did a show without him. They did not get anothor player until Allan came to try-out he then was known as El Hefe. The band today is. Fat Mike (Bass/vocals), Eric Melven (Guitar) El Hefe (Guitar) Erik Sandin (Or Smelly.) (Drums). Nofx today is very sucessful Haveing alot of fans,Jaming with Rancid,releaseing lots of albums and a whole bunch of other shit aswell. there like my secound favriote band!
Nofx has had alot of diffrent people. Every Nofx fan knows the original crue two right?
by Punk Rocker June 22, 2005
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One of the first punk bands. Back in the late 60's and a great band as well.
Oh I'll give you an example.
by Punk Rocker July 23, 2005
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Anarchy is the meaning for No goverment. That is what every Anarchiest wants. It is not a Arvil Lavigne sign she sucks and shes not punker.
Anarchy stands for "No Goverment" damnit!!
by Punk Rocker June 22, 2005
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a punk rock venue where many legendary bands have played including, rancid, bad brains, naked raygun, husker du, misfits etc. only let down by friday nights
"fucking hell they play shit music on friday nights dont they"
by punk rocker March 27, 2003
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