1 definition by Pulling A Tejeda

1) The act of saying your are either going or on your way. Only to bail 45 minutes to an hour later with some random excuse.

2) The Act of telling your boys y'all need to go out and chill to be the one who bails after being the one to set it up.
Examples of Pulling a Tejeda
1) 5:00pm- Bro I'm on my way now wait for me.

5:01-5:59pm no responses to texts.
6:00pm-Bro sorry I can't make it something came up.

2) Monday- Brah we need to go grab some wings or beers on Thursday. Let get there early though like 8:30pm.

8:45 Day of- Brah can't go my (Fill in the space with son, wife, or random family) needs me. We been planned it.
by Pulling A Tejeda January 09, 2017
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