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A under rated city, the next thing to pop in Hip Hop. Providence a city filled with mostly Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, and African Americans that are just trying to get by.

A small city with the population about a 200,000 with very high crime rate.

Providence is the only city in Rhode Island with diversity, you will see very little white people.

Providence is divided into 3 sides South Side, West Side, and East Side.

Providence has many haters, probaly because they got their shit ran by someone from there, or there ass kicked.
*A white family in mini-van drives through Providence*

Billy- Mom im scared.

Mom- Don't worry Billy we will be fine if you dont look at no one stright in the eye. * Locks doors, and puts up windows*

Loud rap music in background

Billy- Mom that music isn't Hillary Duff.

Mom- Yes, I know its Providence music.

Billy- Providence Music?


Masshole- Where you from?

Providence Nigga- Im from providence?

Masshole- Ahaha fuck providence shit is wack.

Providence Nigga- *Pulls out .357 Slug and puts it in his mouth* What nigga, keep talking shit I'll blow your fucking head off, if you ever talk shit bout Providence.

Masshole- Im sorry, Im sorry.

Providence Nigga- Fuck it *Pulls Triger*
by ProvFinest1589 July 29, 2005
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