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The best goddam country in the world.

Beaches, outback, snow, beer, beaches, beer, outback, cities, beer, beaches....
Cool people.

Cool accents.

Cool kangaroos.
Cool beer.

Very, very cool beer.

Miranda Kerr.... ;)
Drop bears.
Dreamtime serpents.....
It's pretty hot here. 55C max.

And the beaches are kickass.

And (this is for the Poms) even though we ARE convicts, we still ended up a better country than you, so stick that one up your arse. :)
We also have great beer. Carlton Dry.

All the way.
There are also hot people over here. Like me. And Hugh Jackman. He's pretty hot. Also Miranda Kerr. And Nicole Kidman. And Keith Urban.

So if you think you're insulting us when you post all that nasty shit about us, we're just sitting here happy that we're in the best country in the world. So yeah. :)
And if people 'hate' Australia so much, why are so many bloody boats comin over? Hmm?
Aussie: Why am I so bloody hot?

Other random person: *admiringly* because you're Australian.
by Proud_Aussie December 06, 2012
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A person from Australia. We kick ass.
And the funny thing is, even though you think you're offending us by calling us cock smokers and convicts, we actually don't give a shit. So call us what you like. Waste time 'insulting' us.
We're the best fucking people on Earth.

Living in the best fucking country on Earth.
Deal with it. Mate.
POM: You Aussies are fucking criminals who kicked out the Aboriginals and spend your days drinking and swearing!

Us: Meh. *goes and lives a good life while you fucking poms keep trying to insult us*
by Proud_Aussie December 06, 2012
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