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Izzie is one of the kindest most prettiest girl's ive ever met. she has dark blonde hair and HUGE boobs ;)
but despite this, people love her for her welcoming and loving personality. Izzie is usually happy and hyper, and is very supportive of her friends through everything, and will stick by them through thick and thin. She is always up for a laugh and never turns down a piss up ;) But the main point is no matter what people may say about Izzie, and however many people dislike her, she just accepts it and moves on. Because Izzie doesn't care what people think about her, and she shouldn't either. No matter what anyone says, Izzie is a beautiful girl and she is my best friend. and i love her alot :)
Girl 1: omg, look at that girl over there, her boobs are HUGE, and she is so pretty...
Girl 2: i know that's Izzie, she's so lucky, she always looks amazing.

Boy 1: that girl is such a slut, i hate Izzie.
Girl 3: well shame she doesn't give a shit what you think mate. smd.
by ProfLarry December 03, 2010

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