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A term used in role-playing games or situations that describes someone as using an over powered emote that allows them to feat any RP obstacle thrown at them.

**This term is often over used and misunderstood, due to the fact that it can be confused with an other meaning of the word "God Modding", which is a bannable high powered in-game hack that allows that particular player unbelievable power in the game, such as invulnerability, extreme damage and possibly the ability to Noclip (fly).
Example of God Modding as can be seen In-Game

Gothran is surrounded on all sides by enemies.

Gothran pulls a gnomish grenade out of his pocket, throwing it down. He puts a shield on protecting him from the blast while the grenade blows all his enemies back! He then calls his noble dragon and quickly rides off into the distance cackling!
by Proe24 May 26, 2009

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When, preferably before taking a shower, you are sitting on the toilet and have to take a crap. When said crap is completed, one will totally skip the art of wiping such anus where said crap came out of and, instead, will simply turn the shower on, walk inside of it and bend over.

Once bent over the person will spread there cheeks and have the water hit directly on it, washing away said crap quickly and cleanly (sort of).
Person 1 "Hey man, yesterday I took a crap that had one of those infinite f*cking shit stains going on""

Person 2 "Damn, I hate those. How did you get it off?"

Person 1 "Just yelled 'I'm tired of this sh*t!' and stood up, marched to the shower turned it on and water-wiped that piece of crap."

Person 2 "... Dude, that's disgusting."
by Proe24 February 13, 2010

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