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1. Male and female narcissists loving to take pictures of themselves and post them onto their myspace account.
2. Shallow Taiwanese teenage drama queens that consider themselves good-looking and insightful, usually running a wretch.com blog and posting pictures of themselves doing the so-called "sweet" or "tempting" or "cool" poses that are so uniformed that they're lackluster and idiotic (usually the exact rip-off of some crappy pop music album covers). Usually the "sweet" ones enjoy a certain level of popularity in school as the leaders of cliques and are therefore egomaniacs feeding on the attention. The "cool" ones are usually into their "punk" or "dark" or "emo" style, but only limited in appearance in a half-assed way. The best thing most of them can do is cheap but heavy makeup and ear piercings(other parts hurt too much for them). In fact the only "rock" music they can think of is the Taiwanese sell-out May Day and that commercialized has-been Avril Lavigne. In addition to what's mentioned above, these people write a lot in their blogs to show how much of writers they are, sadly their stuff are either hack-worked romantic novel rip-off or things that are too incomprehensive if you are too smart.
However, due to cultural and legal reasons they don't post topless pictures of themselves. It made me wonder what purpose these people can serve.
Thank you for reading the trash talk!
I saw your wretch blog the other day, bitch! You surely look much better through your webcam. You cam whore! Why can't you take off your T-shirt and do some real thing?
by Pro Bono June 17, 2006

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