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ok i see alot of the norm here and Goth Ravers.. well the correct term for them is Gravers.... but anyway one thats missing that dissapointes me because i am one is

Cyber Kids - Generally considerd a hacker ect but in the rave scene they are a mix of a Candy Kid and a Graver they will wear the baggy pants with straps ect and a tight or loose fitting shirt and all that good stuff, unlike most Gravers they do not think themselves to good to dance but rather they indulge in it, they generally wont wear much candy but they will wear some, not as brightly colors or generally silver bead bracelets, some will have a stuffed toy or not but most do the candy kid thing of giving hugs/candy/toys all that to people for no aparent reason, there all around really cool people to chill with and are open, they dont secule themselves like a graver but are more open... there basicly what i said.. a Mix of the 2 candy kid+graver = Cyber Kid!
look at that graver he has candy on him!
duh it's because hes a cyber kid!
by Prizzem October 15, 2004

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The Day after the rave when your comming down off all your drugs, and you have no money left, no smokes, you really need to pee and nothing is open. leaving the rave at 6 in the morning and walking into the sun is the worst part of sketchy sunday...
... Sketchy Ravers... Sketchy Sundays...
by Prizzem July 04, 2006

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Stupid pain is the ass poser kids that only do somthing because its "in" or "cool" there basicly Trend Whores or of that nature, they just follow somthing to fit in with a crowd or to seem cool which only makes them look even more stupid.... See Poser
Hey wasnt he just dressed punk the other day???
Yeah.. now he wants to try and be skater
its the "in" thing this week...
by Prizzem October 15, 2004

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another slang used for the beautifull, wonderous drug called Ketamine Hydrochloride.
also known by:
Keta, Kiz, Kizzo, K, K-Nine, Kitty, Kat,

same slang names apply to other forms of Ketamine such as
Ketacet, and Ketalar.

Be cautious when taking bumps of K from Randoms at Raves or Clubs, some people might be giving you PCP (Horse Tranqulizer) and it really is hard to tell the difference between PCP and K to the untrained nose/eye.
Mo Kizzle fo mah nizzle!
by Prizzem January 04, 2007

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