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I agree pretty much with the definition above. But it is almost always called Council-Tucky by someone FROM Nebraska (usually Omaha or surrounding areas) The reason it is called Council-Tucky is that the whole town in an armpit. Cars with duct tape. Monster trucks. Missing teeth. Trailers. It is a play on Council Bluffs and Kentucky. I guess we view "Kentucky" as a state that is 'beneath' us? Personally, I would have chosen Arkansas...but Arkan-Bluffs and Council-sas dont have the nice hokey melody that Council-Tucky has. Also, the above example is wrong. People from Council Bluffs dont say theyre from Council-Tucky. Usually they just say theyre from "The Bluffs"
"Hey, look at that car. Three different colored fenders. Duct tape holding on the bumper. A complete, duct tape window! They MUST be from Council-Tucky! Yep...the license plate is P-Wott county!"
by Prevenger August 22, 2007

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