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Bot is a word that can be used after almost any adjective, verb and proper noun. The word bot is used to mean programmed to be, to perform or to posses only the word preceding bot. If someone is a (insert word) bot, then they are most known for, always doing, always acting like or strongly associated with the the inserted word.

Originally Sting Bot, which means programmed to sting, it was concatinated to just bot to refer to any word that someone seemingly is programmed to do. (See Sting Bot in the urban dictionary for a definition.)
Damn that girl Stacy has slept with the entire football team. She is a slut bot.

That girl has the biggest breast but is completely stupid and boring. She is a Titty Bot.

You spent $20,000 on Cubs gear and game tickets. You are a Cub Bot.
by Popz Productions May 04, 2011

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Sting bot is a person who is always causing you grief, anguish, slowing you down, spilling red wine on your carpet... You get the idea.

The clumsy friend who always breaks something. That girl at the bar that is singing Mariah Carey two keys out of pitch and drunk out of her mind. You know that girl!! She and others who just simply get in your way either regularly or on occasion are Sting Bots.

This term is not meant to be extremely harsh but rather playful and real-time. Using it in every day situations like the following:

You: "Hey man, you remember to bring back my movies before you move the other side of the country?"

Friend: "Oooo... About that man. Sorry, I think I may have packed that up. I can mail them to you?:

You: "WTF Man! Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie. You are such a sting bot! Anyway... Safe travels!"

As you can see in the example, the term can be used with friends, family... Everyone! Enjoy this new word and explore the fascist in which you can use this useful vocabulary.
You spilled wine on my carpet again?? You are such a sting bot when you are drunk!

bot sting dick asshole dumb ass dumbass idiot moron friend amigo slang not cool awesome booty
by Popz Productions January 12, 2015

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