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Sakura Haruno is the female lead of the Anime/Manga Naruto

Sakura Haruno is a character from the Manga/Anime Naruto.

She is the only female on Team 7 and is shown to have a typical school girl crush on another team mate. She is said to be very smart, although in the first series she lacks motivation and sees to lag behind her other team members. In the second series however, after the distraction of her crush is removed and she gets a new sensei she hones her skills and becomes one of the strongest Shinobi in the Hidden Leaf Village.
1. "Sakura Haruno is awesome!"

2. "Sakura is such an under-appreciated character"

3. "Sakura Haruno is such a strong female character! She kicks ass and takes names while still having emotions and feelings"

4. "Man I love Sakura but I hate that she kept chasing after Sasuke. Their relationship is really unhealthy and I wish that she would of ended up with someone else"
by Pm Henry December 24, 2016
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KakaSaku is the romantic ship of Naruto characters Kakashi & Sakura
1. KakaSaku is so canon. Look at how he treats her in comparison to other characters.

2.KakaSaku is such a pure and healthy ship. They treat each other as equals and care deeply about each others well being
by Pm Henry December 24, 2016
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