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Pastel goth (might include soft grunge or nu goth), is a new trend where usually girls (on Tumblr) will dye their hair pastel colors, wear hipster/vintage-looking clothing that vaguely) promotes goth images, and blend cutesy images/colors with skulls, inverted crosses, etc. They try to justify their look as gothic with a pastel color palette although it is more reminiscent of a lighter emo/scene look. Often looked down upon by many goths as posers (most pastel goths don't actually listen to goth music or enjoy its true elements). Also disliked by Nirvana fans because of their loose use of the term grunge to describe themselves.
Girl A: Dude, check out those cute faded lilac short shorts! Soo cute.
Pastel Goth: Yea totally! They'll go great with my Actual Pain sweater!
by PlzNo February 04, 2013
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the coolest whale EVER
person1- "Hey did you catch the Shamu show?"
person2- "Ya that whale is kickass!"
by plzno January 17, 2004
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