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chuutasy is a kpop tiktok account, they are amazing, beautiful, creative, special, spectacular, and they dont slander kokichi like all other people do 🥲. if you dont follow them already, what the heck are you doing with your life then? playing with cardboard dolls or sm?

(made by @stan.everglow.whore)
a dumb person: who is chuutasy?
a intelligent person: a amazing, beautiful, creative, special, spectacular person whom you should follow on tiktok!!
by Pluto Child 134340 January 3, 2021
A K-pop fan is someone who likes Korean Pop music. For example, someone who likes Ateez, Twice, and BlackPink could be called a K-pop fan. K-pop fans are different from K-pop Stans. K-pop fans are actually chill people who just like music, and there’s nothing wrong with that. (:
Person 1: Sasha, do you hear? Ellie just became a K-pop fan!

Sasha: Oh my god, what groups does she like?

Person 1: She likes Momoland, BTS, and BlackPink!
by Pluto Child 134340 June 26, 2020
somiiss is one of the funniest, amazingly talented, and beautiful person in the world. if you haven’t followed them on tiktok yet, you better.
by Pluto Child 134340 December 22, 2020