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To pull out of a woman just before you climax, and ejaculate across her pubic hair. You are said to be signing her poodle, or simply "signing the poodle".
"Ah, baby. I'm gonna cum. You on the pill or do you want me to pull out?"
"Sign the poodle, just in case."

And when I'm sipping on a Perrier in some cafe down in St. Tropez, it's hard to keep the fans at bay. They say, "Sign my poodle, s'il vous plait!" - "Weird Al" Yankovic, Genius in France
by Pleasureboy_1, author November 09, 2008
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The superstition where if you see a real live bunny somewhere, that's not in captivity, it means you're gonna get laid in the near future. Some people believe that you can yell out the name of the person you're hoping to get lucky with and the bunny will make it happen for you.

Other people believe seeing a bunny is just good luck in general.
Dylan: "Ah, man! I saw a bunny the other day, down at the park, and last night I scored with Jessica Wilson! It works!"

Andrew: "When I see the bunny, I'm yelling out Pam Richards. She's got awesome tits!"
by pleasureboy_1, author May 04, 2009
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