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Also reffered to as Shisha, can usually be found in Hungs Baby's basement, being used by Big Smoke, Baby Back Bitch, Yo-Goh, Da Hypeman, with the occasionnal appearance of Starvin' Marvin. Recently being filled with rose-water flavored tobacco, it has been very useful in times where nothing else seemed like the right thing to do at the time, or when baked and too lazy to move around. Apart from this location, the Kerkuk Café provides many variations in looks and flavors of this wonderful invention, growing more and more popular everyday.
" Yo, I haven't went to Hungs' for shisha in a while "
" Yo guy, where's the arguileh? "
" I'm out of aluminum guy! "
" Yo, we gotta get some fahme's from Barney's for the shisha "
by Platunia February 2, 2008
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