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Pleasant Grove is, without a doubt, the "krunkest" place in the entire Dallas metroplex. Many people are familiar with the song "Oak Cliff, 'das my hood". Grove "rats" and Oak Cliff kids argue all the time about whos more "bawlin'". According to surveys and crime statistics based on the state of Texas, Pleasant Grove has 3 times as many murders as Oak Cliff, 12 times as many rapes, 5 times as many armed robberies, and is one of the leading problems in America as far as illegaly exported arms.

All information borrowed from google.com. Look up dallas county crime statistics. I'd post the link, but it wont let me.

I stay on Elam road. I walk around here and think, "If I wasn't strapped I'd be at home". I go to school in Oak Cliff and sometimes I walk around there. In Oak Cliff I think "God damn it's nice to walk around with nothing but fake gangsters and rich kids everywhere."

In Pleasant GRove news coverage has stopped depicting violent crimes in its articles because its old news. People die here everyday, it's nothin'. In Oak Cliff, some bitch gets stabbed and spends a night in the ICU and the whole fuckin' hood is now gangsta.

Y'all come over here, spend 30 minutes in my hood, then go home and be fuckin' glad this ain't the life you gotta live.

Thowin' it up fo' PG, East side niggas, what it is...
PLeasant Grove is the hardest mothafuckin' city in da WORLD.
by Pissed off PG resident April 21, 2006
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