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Complete twats. plural for chav, you will usualy see groups of chavs actin all hard outside Mc Donalds sayin stuf like, "int gez, we iz gona bounce down to da hood and cap some ass".

***with all the fake burbery and 'addidus' they always burn well***
Look a group of chavz. letz set fire to them and see wether or not they are clever enuf to notice.
by piroboy January 29, 2006
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asin an avalanche of Chavs
AKA when all the chavs (otherwise known as scum) come swarming out of the trees and dark corners when a fight kiks off, carrying their little knifes which retract inwards when they attempt to stab someone but fail becuse they arnt strong enugh to lift the knife. they then usualy run away to carry on with their Insest.
(the scene)
About 3 am at the park. fool of pissed chavs
(the police arive)
by Piroboy August 06, 2006
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