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The radio station that broadcasted Hutu-supremacy propaganda in the movie "Hotel Rwanda" and also during the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda. The radio station focussed on persuading people of the Hutu tribe to attack the Tutsi tribe. The genocide was fairly pointless as the Hutu and the Tutsi were rough groups made by the Belgian occupying forces in Rwanda, based on physical appearence. When the Belgians left, the two tribes essentially lost their real purpose but still many uneducated Rwandans continued to discriminate against others based on tribes and this led to the 1994 Genocide. Nothing was done by other countries around the world to stop this tradgedy, apart from a small UN force which was not nearly big enough to save many people at all.
"We must kill the Tutsi cockroaches" - Hutu Power Radio.
No explanation is given as to why they must kill the "Tutsi cockroaches".
by Pirate Jonno November 25, 2005

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The man who did the soundtrack for the movies Beverly Hills Cop 1, 2 & 3. He is notably the person responsible for composing the song Axel F, which has been ripped off and made more annoying by a frog with his penis hanging out of his pants.
I turned on the TV one day to find out that someone had ruined a good song by using a frog with a small cock. They better have payed Harold Faltermeyer heaps of money for this tradgedy.
by Pirate Jonno December 03, 2005

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