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The awesome girl who has a crazzy love fr the color pink. Who is really vindictive so DO NOT mess with Unnati's!!!!
She does crazy talk, likes basketball and HATES doing homework!!! Unnati's LOVE money $$$.... They ADORE chocolate!! When walking past a chocolate shop they always stop and point at it! Isn't that awesome ???
They love withe and glassy houses so daddy watch out!! Unnati's can be really modest and hey love sleeping (zzz...).
They CANNOT be woken up by alarms, so daddy and mommy have a hard time waking Unnati's up!!! :D
They love Panda bears!!!
Unnati's are much, much, much more than this!!!
You love pink and panda bears together you are SO an Unnati!!!
by PinkLover!!! December 01, 2012
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