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The following morning after a nice meaty steak, the excessive anal dilation that requires the asshole to expand beyond its normal circumference to give re-birth to the juicy meat child.

This action usually accompanied by an anal hiss or growl, with slight discomfort, immediately followed by complete satisfaction, and a strong desire to nap.
As the beads of sweat ran from Sandy’s brow she let out a slight groan as the Cincinnati stretcher took hold. Her rectum groaned and spat as she splatter painted the porcelain canvas. The 30 minute agony was almost unbearable, but as the sound of the plop met her ears she was immediately submerged into a level 2 inception dream.
by Pineswood January 20, 2011
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the act of having 2 or more bens participating in sexual favors with the opposite sex simultaneously. In many cases known to be overwhelming, and eventually causing a loss of self control leading to a romance explosion.
Sandy: "The two Bens I took home last night gave me great double Benetration. I now walk with a limp."
by Pineswood December 15, 2009
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