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A description of a woman who can't give herself properly or is self medicating or experiences sexual pleasure at the expense of all other life experiences. She is considered (low class) because she does not acknowledge the depth and meaning of interpersonal interactions but merely gets a thrill from being sexually entertained at the expense of the person she is with. Therefore experienced men have sex with her only and not take her seriously for anything but for sex. Men then leave her alone because she is a heart breaker and impossible to house train or domesticate. Men usually only visit her for drinks and a quick shag after making empty promises. This type of woman is dangerous for sincere naive guys who are not experienced with relationships and sex. Naive simple men will take her seriously and believe in all the politically correct crap and treat her like a princess till he finds out she is a tart and breaks his heart. Sluts turn decent men into players that rort middle aged lonely women for their money and body. These middle aged women spent too much time being narcissistic throughout their life by being overly prudish and money hungry and forgot to get married and have children.
GUY ARRIVE HOME: (sees another guy screwing her on the washing machine)....

GUY: I thought we had something going between us; a loyal friendship and looking forward to a future together with the loftier and more noble ideals in life such as education, family, work, love and house together.

GAL: So?... its only sex, it is not like i love the guys I have sex with or anything. Besides I can see whom ever i want; it's my body, you don't own me.

GUY: Your a Slut...
by Pimp King November 01, 2012

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