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a really long word that people say to make themselves look impressive

The actual definition, although most people don't know it, is to be against political and social establishment (basically pro-anarchy)
Hey look! I know a really long word!
Yeah! Antiestablishmentarianism!
What does it mean?
Um....I dunno...


I have a firm belief in antiestablishmentarianism.
Good for you.
Wait, what does it mean?
by Pillar of Autumn May 10, 2011
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The blue pokemon that many people use to annoy others, especially on mudkipz.ws

The third, water type starter in third generation Pokemon.

A mud covered animal skin

A cross between a catfish and a feline (just imagine that) and painted blue and orange
Annoying Kid: So I herd u liek mudkipz.
Computer Nerd: Jack off, kid.
Annoying Kid: (types "mudkipz.ws" in the address bar) Now do u liek mudkipz?
Computer Nerd: (Pulls out shotgun and blows off the kid's head)

BIRCH: Would you like a mudkip?
(Insert Name): Hell yeah!

Colonist: What's that? Something you clean your shit with?
Native: Nah, it's a muddy kip. We just call it mudkip.

Boy #1: What's that?
Boy #2: It's a mudkip. I saw it coming out of that cat over there a few hours ago. Then a guy came and painted it blue.
by Pillar of Autumn May 17, 2011
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4 in binary

the bestest grade in the world
Coach: How many push ups did you do?
Student: 4
Coach: I gave you an assignment to do 100...
Student: I did 100!
by Pillar of Autumn September 11, 2011
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