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Basically Pikeys and Jippo's are the lowest scum walking the earth. All they do is stand around star lane and orpington market. All they do is start on people.They come in all sorts and sizes.Most of em wear fake stolen burberry caps and anything that is associated to burberry and stolen jewllery.I mean they would even steal an old grannies last 10 pence.They park there shitty stolen caravans anywhere they like till the council finds them.And even then they wanna fight them.They are dumb as assholes.They move bout in packs, usually with their in-bred pikey or jippo cousins and second and third and woteva the last digit in the world cousins.They would even shag their own mothers and in some known cases their own dads.
'Pikey' = You got a spare fag boy
'You'= Soz mate
'Pikey' = Wot u say bout my mum boooy
'You' = Wot u on bout
'Pikey' = dont start with me booy,get the chambers on you booy
'You' = Beat it pikey scum

Typical pikey and jippo sayings
- Mother dies
- Boooooooooooy
- Chicken Eyebrow chavvy
- Steal your shoes booy
- Get the chambers on you boooy

And loads more
by Pikeynator December 16, 2004

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