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A sex position only used by the most athletic and gifted individuals. It's when two people preferable a man and a woman have intercourse while the woman is on her head and the man is on top of the woman while she is doing on her head and uses the woman like a pogo stick while quickly inject and ejecting his penile region inside of her cooter. Experts at this sex position can even do tricks while having intercourse such as backhand springs, front tucks, and ariel assaults.
Harold:"Hey, did you hear about what Big Mike did while he was plowing Jenna in the Upside Down Chair Mask yesterday!?"
Langston:"No. what happen?"
Harold:"He flipped her cooter inside out and now it looks like a baseball mitten."
Langston:"His life is sooo bro..."
by Piicasso February 29, 2012

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