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6-7- cute usually hyper
8-9-at the un-mature age
10-11- still don't know what a booty is
12-13- finally in middle school and trying to learn the mature stage
13-14- mostly mature but still dumb inside
14-15- usually the smart ones who know what life is
16+ have there life figured out
"omg I'm so attractive age scale in like a 15"
by Picklestix September 17, 2016

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Going to a bar in a big space. Or as in large area.
hey dude let's go to the baria.
by Picklestix October 17, 2016

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A snart is when you sneeze and fart at the same time.
"Omg! Guys I just snarted!"
" eww did you snart?"
by Picklestix October 06, 2017

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To have magnetism or to be connected to with a girl

To love her personality
"Omg I think I'm magnet with jennika!?"
by Picklestix June 18, 2016

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