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The single most addictive thing that exists or ever will exist.

Somehow, despite being so incompetent that they have a worse support team than EA (which goes against the laws of physics). JaGex have managed to make a game in which swinging an ugly-ass axe at an ugly-ass tree releases enough dopamine into the human brain to turn a healthy, happy human being with friends into a mindless zombie that only wants to play Runescape. The effect is even more devastating on young children. Chuck Norris himself, if exposed to runescape would struggle to resist it's mind destroying, soul crushing addictiveness.

It requires at least 562 Nonillion times more willpower to quit runescape than it does to quit cigarretes, and at least 789 Quattuortrigintillion times as much as that to quit it forever. Someone who can quit runescape and not play it ever again could go through an eternity of the most brutal torture, and upon it ending they would go home and carry on as normal.

The only way someone can stop playing runescape (aside from having an inconceivable amount of willpower) is if their computer breaks down for an extended period, or anything else that will completely prevent them from playing runescape, like a coma, or death.

If someone who plays runescape passes into a coma they will never wake up, as they will just dream of playing runescape, drowing out any attempt to revive them with the monotonous sound of a rune pickaxe striking a rock.

In short, don't play runescape.
Person 1: Hey wanna play Runescape?
Person 2: Wait, you play Runescape?
Person 1: Yeah, so what?
Person 2: Umm.... wanna go play outside instead?
Person 1: What is outside?
by Phingulwup February 25, 2013